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  • "We solve the staffing problems of accounting firms by using qualified professional staff not otherwise available"

  • "We solve the staffing problems of accounting firms by using qualified professional staff not otherwise available"

  • "We solve the staffing problems of accounting firms by using qualified professional staff not otherwise available"

The Benefits of Outsourcing

Many people think of outsourcing accounting as handing over control of their business to some external firm. We aim to do the exact opposite. Accounting outsourcing can increase the amount of control you have by maximising your profit and your time.

Whatever the size of your business we can help you to:

  • Increase your profitability
  • Increase the amount of control you have over all financial aspects of your business
  • Expand your growth opportunities without further fixed costs
  • Alleviate work overloads (e.g. in tax season)
  • Deal with high staff turnover
  • Free up more time for clients & value added services
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Plan an exit strategy

We solve your staffing problems by using qualified professional staff not otherwise available.

Introducing Australia's leading accounting outsourcing service

UNICORN Accounting Outsourcing 150+ qualified accountants can augment the productivity and
profitability of your business by handling your routine compliance work. They provide a pool of
staff resources who can deliver:

• Financial statements (including interim accounts).
• Annual income tax returns (company / trust returns/ partnership returns and related individuals).
• Superannuation (SMSF) financial statements and returns.
• Fringe Benefits Tax returns.
• Annual GST reconciliations.
• Business Activity Statements.
• Depreciation Schedules and asset registers.

Of course, you retain full control. Unicorn Accounting Outsourcing simply do the compliance work - freeing your staff to work on higher-value areas of your client's
business if you choose.

UNICORN Outsourced Accounting Services include:

Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) Accounting and SMSF audit. Our SMSF Accountants use most software packages including BGL Simplefund, APS Desktop Super, Class Super, Supermate, Handi Super.

Accounting and taxation services for all entity types including; Companies, Trusts, Partnerships or Individuals. We Support most packages including Handisoft, MYOB AO, MYOB AE Accounts (Ceedata/Xlon),  MYOB AE MAS (Solution 6) and Software assistant.

Online accounting, cloud accounting and bookkeeping services using MYOB, Quickbooks, Reckon, Xero and Saasua. We specialise in cloud accounting using Xero, Saasua and Quickbooks online.

Increase work capacity without having to hire extra staff

Outsourcing presents you with the flexibility to deliver client work without the administrative and
financial costs of recruiting and employing staff. With outsourcing you can:

• Avoid having to recruit, train and pay casual or temporary staff.
• Immediately cover staff on annual, carer's, long service, maternity or sick leave.
• Easily cope with peak periods.
• Schedule-in last minute or urgent work.

Schedule work more efficiently – and profitably

By outsourcing time-consuming compliance work, you can schedule more profitable

• Turn work around faster.
• Schedule work more efficiently with dependable delivery dates.
• Improve profitability – more profit for the firm per job.
• No additional overhead costs – no recruitment, training, occupancy, super, leave, etc.
• Further savings in infrastructure, software and hardware.
New opportunities to generate more revenue for your business

With staff freed-up from time-consuming low-value work, you can focus on working with clients
and improving relationships:

• Deliver higher-value business advisory and financial planning services.
• Acquire more clients, or accept more of existing clients' work.
• Accept more compliance work and outsource without affecting the practice's profitability or
increasing staff numbers.

Improved staff satisfaction

With staff released from mundane compliance work to focus on more interesting and profitable
work, job satisfaction increases – with long term benefits to the practice:

• Higher levels of staff retention.
• More opportunities for staff development.
• Significant reductions in HR and administration time and costs.

Working with UNICORN Accounting Outsourcing is easy

1. You meet with your client and determine the services they require.
2. You decide which components you want to outsource and which components you want to
retain in-house.
3. Your client supplies you with their electronic files.
4. You log-on to the secure UNICORN Outsource Accounting server, download and complete a checklist,
and upload your client's files to the server.
5. UNICORN Accounting Outsourcing  Australian experienced accountants produce the client's work.
6. Once the work has been completed and reviewed, you receive an email from Unicorn AR notifying you of the availability of your client's files and work papers for downloading
from the secure server.
7. You download your client's completed files, reconciled working papers and supporting data.
8. You upload all the relevant data into your firm's practice management system for review before
presenting back to your client – there's no need to re-key any data.

UNICORN Accounting Outsourcing provides client files in the same format that you use for uploading into your accounting and tax software.

"Your accounting has never been so easy" - it's a better option to outsource your accounting and tax to our experienced Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart or Gold Coast accountants.

The UNICORN Accounting guarantee

UNICORN AR guarantees the quality of all its accounting and tax work. UNICORN Chartered Accountants is a company employing experienced accountants, with all work performed according to best practice standards and reviewed by an experienced senior manager before being delivered to the practice.

At Unicorn AR, we thrive on facing different challenges on a daily basis and on collaborating to arrive at the most efficient solution to any specific situation.  We firmly believe that there is no such things as a "One-size-fits-all" answer and commit to working out a workable solution to your specific requirements.

Unicorn's experienced accountants operate from Brisbane cbd, Gold Coast, Sydney cbd, Melbourne city and Hobart at:

Brisbane city accountants: Lvl 19 10 Eagle St Brisbane QLD 4000

Gold Coast accountants: Lvl 9 1 Corporate Crt Bundall QLD 4217

Hobart accountants: Lvl 6 111 Macquarie St Hobart TAS 7000

Sydney city accountants: Lvl 57 MLC Centre 19-29 Martin Place Sydney NSW 2000

Melbourne city accountants:  Lvl 2 Riverside Quay 1 Southbank Blvd Melbourne VIC 3006

For more information email info@unicorn-ar.com.au, call 1300 669 637 or visit www.unicorn-ar.com.au